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Humanely raised animals

We raise a rambunctious crowd of goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, turkeys and hogs. Depending on the season, we may have animals available for adoption or sale for meat or an addition to your herd.

Free range eggs

You can enjoy fresh eggs and happy hens without the headaches of chicken ownership. Our birds free range in the old fashioned sense of the term, freely wandering the property (except the garden, though they try mightily!) and foraging for up to 50% of their diet. This results in a more nutritionally complete egg and great flavor. 

Dry Farmed Produce

Beginning with the 2017 season, we are producing tomatoes and melons without irrigation. Not only is it good for the environment, but they taste better than traditional irrigated tomatoes! In 2018 we've added a range of other vegetables produced with the minimum possible drip irrigation.

Available for sale

It has been an abundant year on the farm

Thanks to our hard working mothers on the farm, we have many babies who are off to a great start in life and ready for new homes. We have (literally) countless young chickens and ducks, a variety of young and older goats, and soay sheep. We also have a wide variety of produce available weekly at the Woodstock Farmers Market, and occasionally at FarmandSell.com.

Pastured Pork

This season we are raising two hogs on pasture at our farm. They are littermates who came to us straight from their mama when they were 8 weeks old. Their breed is a cross between Berkshire, known for their great flavored and well-marbled meat, and Large Black, a heritage breed known for active foraging and flavorful meat. We have fed them locally milled, corn and soy free feed, supplemented by their active foraging, as well as a variety of farm surplus produce. They live inside mobile electric fencing so they can have regular access to fresh pasture, and as the weather has gotten hot they get multiple daily opportunities to run through the sprinkler and to wallow in the mud to keep comfortable. They LOVE the sprinkler and caper like puppies when it comes on.  


They will be professionally butchered on our farm by Adamson Custom Butchery.  We chose this option because it allows our girls to be happy and stress free at home until their last moments. It also means that, legally, they can only be sold as a whole or half hog. You can expect 75-100 pounds of pork per half, processed to your specifications. You get to choose the cuts and the options for curing, sausage, etc.  This means that you can have bacon or sausage made by our processor, or if you’ve ever wanted to cure your own bacon or make your favorite sausage, you can choose to bring home all of your pork uncured.


The cost of our pork is $400 for a half or $800 for a whole hog, plus the cost of processing. The price of processing is dependent on your choices for curing and packaging, but will likely be a minimum of $75 for a half hog ($30 plus $.60/pound plus additional charges for curing and sausage links if you choose.) If you prefer a straight price per pound, we are happy to sell you a whole or half for $4.00 per pound, hanging weight, plus processing and curing fees.

Winter on the farm!

The baby goats are thrilled to be able to go outside without getting blown away. They don't even care that it's 20 degrees.

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